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Our Priority in our Savannah breeding programme is the temperament of our cats/ kittens. Purebliss breed for a cat with an excellent temperament of a domestic cat and the look of its wild ancestors. Many Purebliss Savannah kittens or cats are handled by strangers in show with many more strangers mulling about in the show hall. Exotic Looks and a Great Personality Too!  

Latest News at Purebliss Savannahs

page updated 18th August 2014

we have a gorgeous litter of SBT Savannahs born. 2 brown spotted males to go as pets, and 2 silver spotted girls to go for a suitable breeding programme.

phone Tim on 01400 281586 for more details.


Purebliss Grandslam is being used at stud by two Savannah breeders in the south England without permission of his owner, Tim Bliss, or his breeder Purebliss.

Purebliss Grandslam has already sired several F2 generation litters which are being sold by these savannah breeders for breeding - they DO NOT have our permission and TICA have been informed of this in writing.

F2 MALE SAVANNAHS ARE INFERTILE!!! so don't be taken in by these breeders as one of them has already tried to sell an F2 boy for breeding.

We hold a quarantine licence for our own DWA cats
We are a licenced private boarding cattery.
We hold a DWA licence for Asian Leopard Cats, African Servals, F1 generation Savannahs, and F1 Bengals.
Reggie is our gorgeous African Serval shown in this photo to your left - we have the pleasure of sharing our lives at purebliss/Awilddream with Reggie.

Pet prices for Savannah kittens start at £500. Breeding is not an exact science and therefore we occasionally have a kitten born that doesn't meet the breed standards, we therefore reduce the price of these kittens to allow them to have a wonderful life as a much loved pet. They may not be the correct colour or they may not have the correct markings as the rest of their litter but they will have the wonderful Savannah temperament that Purebliss Savannahs are known for. Please click onto the TICA certified pedigrees of our queens and studs to view their pedigrees.

Many thanks to Kathrin and Martin of A1 Savannahs for sending us some outstanding Savannah kittens.

Whilst visiting Kathrin and Martin at A1 Savannahs in March 2007 we had the pleasure and honour to meet Joyce Sroufe who has been breeding with Servals since the 1980s.

A Savannah Cat loves to play, a loyal companion that will play fetch, loves to play with water, loves to be around you.

A Savannah Cat has elegance and the most amazing temperament. They just melt your heart.

A Savannah Cat should have spots with no rosetting.

A Savannah Cat should have long legs, long muscular body.

A Savannah Cat should be a tall cat with long legs.

A Savannah Cats ears should be larger than a bengals and placed high on their head with rounded tops and wide base.

A Savannah Cat should have a strong head/ back jaw (although NOT large in comparison to his body) with a puffy nose leather.

A Savannah Cat should NOT have the round eyes of a bengal, but should have a boomerang effect running along the top of the eyes coming down onto the nose.

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